About Us:

"Thriving relationships are not based on the ability for one to control another, but rather the ability to communicate and understand one another." — Grace, Urban Dog Leader, LLC.

Our Mission: To strengthen the relationships between dogs and owners and fulfill their biological needs through structured socialization and life skill training. 

Our Methods: We follow the model of relationship based training. A training system that puts effective communication, trust, and respect at the foundation of every relationship. We teach you how to lead your dog with love, not force, fear, or the necessity to control.

We implement these principles in our pack program. Every interaction with our dogs is purposeful. Before we integrate any dog into our pack we have a fairly selective process. This allows us to maintain the quality of care that we believe is necessary when working with people's beloved companions. Once dogs join our program they are treated like family.

Our training isn’t simply about making your dog follow orders. There is no value to you or your dog in that. We focus on creating a positive and enjoyable learning experience for your dog. We transform relationships in such a way that your dog becomes happier, more attentive, and more relaxed, in turn improving both you and your dogs quality of life. 

Meet Our Pack Leaders

We are a passionate, dedicated team of professionals. Together we believe in raising the standard in the dog care industry.

We truly love what we do and look forward to having your dog join our family!